Fast Forward Daily

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Wednesday is my favorite day. There’s still more work-week to get projects done but the weekend is in sight. Thursday has the New York Times Style and Technology sections so that makes me happy first thing in the morning and Friday is yoga at 6am with my gang of stretchers and kvetchers, going on twenty or so years together. Monday is a hopeful day of getting off on the right foot, making new lists and noticing how the month is flying by. Tuesday is usually the day I get wrong as in forgetting which day it is, it’s a stuck in the middle day, a not-much day.

There are secret ways of navigating time and how different days are in different contexts; seasons, places, company. My career has always included teaching college full-time so the year is marked in semesters and breaks. I live in a climate of four dramatic seasons.

Time parallels experiences in years too. My students remain to be eighteen to twenty-two years old as I pull ahead each year in my own age number. I hear others mark age compared to their parents or that I’ve now lived ten years longer than my older brother did and I was twenty-eight when my mom was my age. Imagining and comparing paths and presence and presents.

Signs of time intersect with experiences.
From Tempo and Tenor which was inspired by this project, this week, some years back wherein time intersects with place, with memory, with that plate of spaghetti all wound up with maybe opinions, experiences, and definitely not the watch always on my wrist.

In that week at DesignInquiry, with the heat and inspiration that surrounded the work and curiosity, I learned to listen then make time. For this little ditty of a book, for each other. It resonates still.