>> FastForward >> Vinalhaven 2012


DesignInquiry 2012, June 17–23

>> FastForward >>

The quickening pace of life calls for a rethink of time. With a deadline approaching or bombarded by the unforeseen, we are often forced to cut corners, think on our feet, fly by the seat of our pants. In the midst of these crises, time, which seemed so linear, fixed, immutable, becomes elastic: we find space to breathe, think, laugh, pull off unexpected feats. It’s while we are fast-forwarding, oddly, that new insights and possibilities can come to light. But the phrase >>fast-forward>> also suggests we have an end point in mind. FastForward ten or 10,000 years and what do we imagine we will have left behind?  How might this longer view of time shift the way we make design decisions? DesignInquiry 2012: >>FastForward>> finds a wrinkle in time on a remote island in Maine to explore speed, time-being, and how we might redesign the future: through workshops, presentations, discussion and digestion.

APPLY to attend >>FastForward>> in Vinalhaven June 17-23, 2012.

Contact us at info@designinquiry.net and we will send you a questionnaire in which you may propose anything you think is appropriate to to inform/to question/to develop/to inspire the selected topic. Thoughts, ideas, experiences and observations will ideally become the starting point for a contribution to >>FastForward>> gathering in Vinalhaven and subsequent publications. We will contact you to indicate if your proposal has been accepted, i.e. expands the mix of contributions to the topic during the gathering. Participants will be accepted until >>FastForward>> fills. Apply early, it’s a small group of only 24 on Vinalhaven for the >>FastForward>> inquiry.


$725 = Registration Fee + Housing

$175 = Food.

>> To request an application, email info@designinquiry.net