My interest is in sustaining ACCESS to the collective body of knowledge on this topic through trusted content curation.

Through the processes of observing, collecting, documenting, ordering, and linking, the goal is to ultimately make sense of the myriad and disparate means in which each member of
the group defines ACCESS. Engaging all participants in the art of ethnography will reveal hidden knowledge, experiences, processes, applications and other vital ingredients that can lead to a better understanding of “how we know what we know” and “why we do what we do” in order to transfer knowledge beyond the group and advance the starting point for others who are in pursuit of similar paths to ACCESS.


NOTE regarding the image: According to Dr. Math, “prime numbers are good for quickly transforming a situation with zillions of possible outcomes into an equivalent situation with only a handful of possible outcomes.” I chose a prime number wheel to represent my task of uncovering hidden relationships between the varied approaches to ACCESS and transforming the consequences of these unique, interesting and possibly complex relationships into a single usable and reliable tool.