Motives of Notation

Each day at STATION we centered introductions on the front screen, on the porch or the lawn outside of the Sparrow Barn. We stood and surrounded the bread dough kneading table and moved between any number of other work stations. And we took notes.

Here is a sample of various ways many of us put pen to paper. I can’t guess the impetus for what was notated and what wasn’t but I know I (a) spent a lot of time looking for the last place I laid down my notebook and (b) wrote down phrases that I was guessing might show up in a possible personal project later. Or not. Either way I wrote down what (c) I didn’t want to forget because somehow I was inspired. Mine has the neon post-its.

Maybe by looking at these spreads, one per participant, you can decipher motives of notation as well as some of the STATION content that was moving through the week.