OTHER/WISE call for participation


DesignInquiry invites one dozen thinkers and makers to Vinalhaven to engage in some OTHER/WISE feats of elseways and production. We welcome applications for projects that can substantially advance during the one week period of the residency. Your proposed project may be: an ongoing creative practice; part of a larger research agenda you are undertaking;  a new direction in your work. In any case, we are interested in projects that upend, invert, or otherwise challenge traditional notions of accomplishment as defined by your particular field or discipline.

We invite participants (artists, musicians, engineers, architects, scientists, designers, writers, directors, programmers, etc.) who are curious, who want to devote time to exploring areas beyond discipline confines, and who are amenable to un-mastery or embarking on a project that is (in the peripheral or) tangential to “X.” Field trips, wandering conversations, unhinged schedules, meal-happenings, are part of participating in a DesignInquiry residence’s OTHER/WISE-not-the-schedule. The Framing Team will assemble a blend of OTHER/WISE participants as potent as possible. Outliers and collaborators all should apply.

Request a questionnaire for OTHER/WISE via info@designinquiry.net.


June 18–24, 2017

Costs: $575 for the week, includes rustic Poor Farm housing, groceries and some drinks. Limited scholarships are available.