Drawing Other/Wise

As a Communication Designer of over 20 years, I attended Design Inquiry_Other/Wise in Maine
in 2017, intending to spend more time drawing with the goal of incorporating more drawing into
my artwork.

CHutEs +LaDders, 32 x 46 inches, an earlier piece.

Even though I teach Communication Design, I regularly exhibit artwork. My artwork has been exhibited in museums, galleries and is included in private collections throughout the US. I prefer to draw in pen and ink. My drawings tend toward whimsical and fantastical, although based in some reality.

Mesa, a pen and ink drawing that is 36 x 68 inches, yes, large.

The pen and ink drawings need color. I have spent time experimenting with watercolor because it scans and reproduces extremely well. This requires experimentation with paper, brushes and pens. Since I have little experience with watercolor I am devoting time to learn it well. Please find included, one of a large number of color palettes, as well as some sketches. Most of the watercolor sketches are done with traditional landscape to aid learning. I am currently experimenting with masking fluid and making progress.

Much work has simultaneously gone into experimentation with a Cintiq. A Cintiq is a large screen that one can draw, in a variety of media on. Sketches may be scanned in. The advancements in pen technology has been amazing in recent years, with tilt, pressure, rotation, etc. The advent of mixer brushes has allowed for blending “paint.” I am very interested in incorporating typography and photography in my work, so the ability to work with agility between the computer and hand methods is essential. This practice also mirrors my concepts: the impact of digital distraction on the natural world.

I have included several drawing tests and work with the Cintiq (Blueberries, Hals and Crack in the Ground). Much of this work is still experimental, but with an end goal. We live in a culture that emphasizes results/end product, but I believe experimentation and process are essential to learning and growth.

I appreciated my time at Design Inquiry_Other/Wise, it was so helpful to meet a lively group of designers experimenting in a variety of media.

Deb Hall
Associate Professor
Skidmore College