Appropriate Technologies for the New Millennium

We came to work on our project Appropriate Technologies for the New Millennium – repurposing cast off objects and leveraging both analog + digital technologies for art, design, creative and utilitarian applications with an underlying emphasis on materials as a way of rethinking our relationship to them in the context of environmental and human health.

While in Vinalhaven we participated in several incredible workshops conducted by other DI/OW participants who utilized their own version of appropriate technology = analog bookbinding, embroidery, cyanotypes and meditative free writing. In addition to the copious amount of cooking (Assaf) + eating (Stefani) we did, we also spent some time testing some of our ideas for using natural and found materials for functional sculptures:

We constructed a battery powered lamp:

To eventually be powered by a mud battery:

And we played around with conductive paint:

**Our most recent update is that we’ve been invited to present and workshop Appropriate Technologies for the New Millennium at the Centenary of the Bauhaus in Dessau Germany in March 2019 for its focus on “Knowledge” “Objects” and “Materials”. **