Access and Inaccessibility

Every Individual has access to and lack of access to processes, information, opportunities, realities and experiences through communication, exposure, attention or lack thereof.

Exploring personal trajectories, options, opportunities and decisions and the resulting paradigm shifts will be an informal prompt for the duration of the Vinalhaven tenure. Decisions based on our access, whether our own doing or not, define us. What have we missed? What disconnects and miscommunications have lead to closed loops? Open doors?

To build a narrative about the reality of the power of access and discuss our collective opinions when positioned on the outside looking in at opportunities we need to be able to be critical of our frustrations, motivations and priorities.

This experience will be collectively and personally reflective and will encourage a wide range of media, narrative and dialog. An interactive collection of information and writing will include a community mind map for cataloging Inquirers “trajectories”, which may include decisions, access to options or inaccessibility of opportunities based on decisions. These trajectories will also be able to be described in a more intimate and long form written format.

A goal for this Inquiry is to build a narrative about our collective experiences, or trajectories. Results may lay bare our frustrations and regrets or positive resolutions. The deliverables may include spatial information installation, video and/or print journal collection(s).