Make/Do Book

DesignInquirers Maia Wright (Assistant Professor of Communication Design at Texas State University) and Gabrielle Esperdy (Associate Professor of Architecture at NJIT) collaborated with a dozen MAKE/DO participants to publish outcomes from the 2011 Vinalhaven gathering as a collection of highly illustrated essays by designers, critics, curators, and photographers on the theme of MAKE/DO.

Each of the authors considers how design responds to improvisation and constraint, using limitations as opportunities in creative practice. As designed by Maia Wright, 16 individually bound booklets in a slipcase can be re-arranged and read in any order: as a book MAKE/DO invites improvisation and play.

Contributors to the MAKE/DO book: Maia Wright, Gabrielle Esperdy, Peter Hall, Ben Van Dyke, Emily Luce, Margo Halverson, Rachele Riley, Lindsey Culpepper, Liz Craig, Brooke Chornyak, Leanne Elias, Glen MacKinnon, Anita Cooney, Richard Kegler, Melle Hammer.

DesignInquiry MAKE/DO © 2013

ISBN-10: 0988991500

Hardcopies of MAKE/DO are available at Amazon for $15 plus shipping & handling.