parallel intersections (work/workshops-in-process)

Rewrite 18_parallel intersections in process_7.30.18

sondra graff, petra van noort & catherine richards (from afar)

The days were full. The dialogue with other ‘inquirers’ added layers to our task. We dove into recurring themes – memory, water, fluidity and the resonance of reflection.

The quote from Pina Bausch, “I am not interested in how you move, but in what moves you,” was at the forefront of our thoughts. It drove our conversation and the developing methodology.

Writing prompts and exercises opened the flood of the embedded. Conversation continued to drive and enter the mix.

We incorporated the recurring themes into mark making prompts – choices were based on individual connection to a shape, the qualities of each providing a somatic experience and the marks that ensued.

One inquirer asked us if we were fairies, possibly evoked by our suspended play. We then asked if her recorded dialogue could be used as a partial soundscape. Many others contributed and entered the mix. A fully-rigged aerial/performative work-in-process culminated our time.

We will carry the generosity of the exchange as we continue to question and develop our work post-Vinalhaven.

photo: Margo Halverson

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