Perfectly beautiful time

I take the spirit of Design Inquiry with me. It has permanently affected me, and I am only grateful.
I had a … … I’m trying to find a word that begins with a consonant, which doesn’t require a word like incomparably, unbelievably, unimaginably, etc. … Perfectly beautiful time.
I knew it would be, though. I planned ahead. I knew the prompt was exactly what I needed. I knew a small group was what I needed. I knew — no — suspected lots of things, and they worked effortlessly in my favor. Thank you all these things and people I did not yet know. or believe in, have faith in, welcome in. to my selective little life.
An unmet friend was on a corner there when I — in a rented car — hopefully wandered away from the most placid of ferry journeys. Our eyes met and we knew. Moments in time and like minds and suspected/assured camaraderie.
I made it. without a pin pointed certainly on a map. to a poor farm. on the water. Make it stop.
It was too cozy. Too necessary.
I daydreamt of sunny days outside painting and completing some concept I’d casually prepared for / was casually forming. had not yet formed; would form when the time was right.
Ugh. It weakens me how right it was.
What an opportunity: what an opportunity.
I had the best room mate. I had the best peers. We were all getting to our respective places. All moving in our directions. All doing our things predictably, if you knew. Together.
Well accommodated. Comfortable. To our own devices we were left, and I could not have been happier. I was continuously content. I don’t even know how it happened. Dream. The cursor blinks. It was the dream.
We conversed casually, breakfast lunch dinner wine, we laughed with the lights off; a disco bulb spun in our sleep; we woke ready; we wasted no time.
What a community. We loved and laughed at any thing. We found each other dependably endearing. We gave our selves and received more than we deserved. And there was the weather so generously complicit.
Too Perfect.
I was exactly where I needed to be. I left accomplished, making more than I’d hoped for, so lucky; having been given more than I deserve.
This residency was a gift so good. so big.
I made things I love and I think other people like.
They — the things — adequately, superbly represent where I was in my life at that time, allowed to be, in my head, communicating through art the best way I knew how.
Design Inquiry was so good to me. The people were incredible. Beyond. And in that place I got to be too.