“The Crabs were elusive, Little George Retired, and the Weirdness of the Crustacea Transcends Time and Space”


As I prepared to write the Wild and Weird tale of our quest for a Crab dinner, I prepared an image of a Dungeness Crab to assist with the pen and ink drawing I was attempting. I had really no idea what the image would be, I was stumped. Being a luddite with an outdated computer, I was forced in desperation to use an old bubble jet printer to output the simple image of the crab. I made three desperate attempts to print, but the bubble jet printer only offered strange sounds, which I took to be its swan song. “The Crabs are putting the kibosh on me,” I grumbled. I left the room to make a new plan, the Crabs were definitely one up on me, I accepted their superiority. I wondered if they knew I was trying to honor them with my endeavor.

I returned to the printer some time later, to put it away. There on the floor lay the image I present to you as my humble submission to the Wildness Weirdness archive. This is not the image file I prepared, perhaps one final offering from the bubble jet, or maybe a peace offering from the Crab King.

It is an image from the weirdness of the wilderness, created a year after the fact by the forces of the Universe.

Well, it never got too weird or wild for me.