Some thoughts on Wilderness, Wildness, and Weirdness

Wilderness is often romanticized. It is referred to as nature; mother earth. It is natural and beautiful—untamed, unmanaged, unlabeled, uncategorized, untouched, unrestored, yet often what we are actually referring to is some sort of colonized version of wildness. It is a controlled, picturesque, and not untamed wildness, in fact.

Wildness is untamed; still thought of natural, but not maybe in the beautiful, romantic, and majestic way we might imagine wilderness to be. Wildness is freedom. It is unknown, unmapped, unchartered. It is also unforgiving, resistant, and disobedient, possibly dangerous and scary.

Weird is freedom, but not considered “cool.” It is unidentifiable, ugly, gritty, raw, awkward, and maybe even silly. It is unpredictable, going against the status quo. Weird is funny and unexpected. And like wildness, in its true form is not contrived, dangerously natural, and surprisingly authentic in an unscripted way.

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