The Mobile Kitchen

The ‘Mobile Kitchen’ is a project developed at the DRLab to meet the specific needs of “Design Cities: Berlin” and its participants, as well as future events.


As part of “Design Inquiry” intensive workshop model, we knew that one of the main features of DC:B would the relationship generated around the two concepts ‘food’ and ‘design’. This relation is exposed not just during the workshops and lectures but as well in the dialogue generated around the kitchen area, in the form of coffee brakes, group meal, etc. Following that principles we started to conceptualize the ‘Mobile Kitchen’, with the goal of making the process of collectively prepare a meal, or just hang around the cookers, an experience as enjoyable as possible.

How to make the experience of cooking for 25-30 people every day and every meal an enjoyable experience? We raised ourselves that question and tried to contribute to it by producing a kitchen designed to make the action of group cooking as intuitive as possible, understanding that the generation of intuitive experiences is paradoxically the least of the intuitive experiences.   

The outcome is what you see on the images, a simple but robust kitchen on wheels, equipped for the mass production of amazing meals.