Whether Station

A Whether Station is an exploratory effort to expand the notion of weather observation, participation, and recording. Based upon the 2002 text /Theory of Cloud/ by Herbert Damisch and the International Cloud Atlas, editions 1930, 1939, 1956, 1975, 1987, 2017, Wheather Station invited participants to view weather as a condition of change and reporting as a potential site for noticing the undetected and therefore, expanding vocabularies through experimental, adaptive technologies.

The project was inspired by this weather report:

Three prompts were given for the week:

  1. Outline a weather condition
  2. Collect/archive a weather event
  3. Introduce a weather pattern

To which the material collected is un-sorted into the following categories:

Annotated Bibliography of Whether References
Whether Conditions / Whether Patterns / Whether Events
Observations / Gestures / Moments
Index of Previously Unrecorded Cloud Types and Their Descriptions