Accessing the Future Through Revisiting the Past

Accessing the future through revisiting the past.

One of the greatest challenges – and pleasures – of graphic design is wrapping our heads around “new” technologies and figuring out ways how to make them relevant to our work.  It’s been a never-ending journey for me: from print into the digital realm, through the dot-com era and into today’s increasingly “physical” landscape of cnc machines and 3d printers.

Fortunately, it’s not always necessary to re-invent the wheel. It may be a cliché, but past really is prologue; and history really does repeat.  By harnessing and re-applying old techniques from earlier (often much earlier) eras of design – but in a contemporary context – we can rediscover and repurpose them, along the way opening new pathways and unexpected innovations.

In our week together I’ll present some of my new work and ideas – and ideally, talk with others about their projects and challenges. I hope to exchange ideas and collaborate on how we might put our ideas into action in the form of a digital or printed piece. I’ll give you access to mine if you give me access to yours.