NoQuo refuses to assume the status quo. This is not simply a contrary straight-out rejection, but instead NoQuo says “yes,” tries out the absurd and is friendly with the unknown.

NoQuo is inherently political. What makes up a constellation of thoughts, ideas, wishes? And what is best viewed askance, from the periphery where vision is most receptive to the faintest light? Or, what is attracted to that big floating magnet?

NoQuo sets a stage, takes the mic, gives the mic over, tosses things back and forth, and has a flashlight to assist with seating.

NoQuo is not so much about making do with what’s at hand, but instead, unfamiliarizing. NoQuo tenderly unhooks things, ideas and methods in order to reconsider, disorient and/or loosen from familiarity.

NoQuo is really left of the dial, set up to receive and listen to frequencies that may be indistinct.

NoQuo may appear to be shy and insignificant in the ecosystem, but in reality is urgent and timely, exceptional and crucial.