Writing the Essay

DesignInquiry’s residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit Department of Education and Public Outreach begins with a multi-person, multiperspectival installation/project, Writing the Essay. This document tracks what is happening. (Maybe, it is the essay.)

October 15: Ben Van Dyke arrives at MOCAD. The residency begins with an unexpected space change situation. Texting, phone calls, images…


Reconfiguration, wondering, a suitcase.

Ben Van Dyke at MOCAD

A plan emerges.

October 16: Rebecca Tegtmeyer joins.

Rebecca Tegtmeyer Rebecca Tegtmeyer

DI DEPE Space Residency

October 17

People are sending work in. Chris Fox comes over to help install. Backup.


Ben Gaydos

Next up, the Different Data team get down to business. Hijinks, perspective.


Work, play.


Rhythm, disruption : a brief rest for the residency while MOCAD hosts a big event.




To see more about the work going on during DI’s DEPE Space residency, check out the Detroit program.