(207) 863-2256

vinalhaven cell coverage

At Vinalhaven, my own norms for staying connected–emailtextsvoicemailblogsnewsthephonethescreenthecar–were dropped. To my surprise, the theme ‘design-less,’ resulted in genuine connection, experimentation, and possibility.

The letterforms presented here are constructed based on points of cell phone reception that the group discovered across the island, and includes the shared landline at the Poor Farm. Strokes are drawn across the air based on these points, as if a phone call were mapped. Peter stands in front of David’s vacation rental, and phones the Ferry Terminal where Ann is waiting for her phone to be dropped off. Sunniya stands in front of the Charming House, and calls Ben at the Low Tide Gallery; the tide has come in, the call is dropped. These calls form the letter T.

T was my assigned Love Letter from Lucy. The project also responds to Steve’s challenge to construct letterforms in space. It thinks about tools, at Denise’s suggestion. It plays with Peter’s posted cell phone reception map. The title of the project is (207) 863-2256, the phone number at the Poor Farm.

207 863 2256

Download (207) 863-2256 by Emily Luce (PDF)