Nine Predictions of a No Quo Exchange

Two crates of grapefruit.

Five groups of five people, (one group includes DI Vinalhaven regular Obi, a white standard poodle), convene to venture answers to one of five queries: How might “Quo” feel to the touch? What might “No” smell like? At what rate of frequency do the words “No Quo” need to be repeated in order to invert the syntax to “Quo No?” What materials, shapes, elements would comprise a No Quo uniform? Finally and importantly, What’s for lunch? (Obi is in this group.) The inquirers discussing the first question stop abruptly, finding themselves at an impasse. Two people adamantly hold that Quo’s tactile properties resemble that of velvet, plush, or faux suede. Another person in the group insists that Quo feels neither soft nor is pliable, but rather, is bumpy and rigid. The two others say that it feels like an orb laminated in sandpaper. Group members reluctantly agree to start over.

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